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In professional sports, a brilliantly designed play is only as good as its team's execution.  The same applies to your central heating and air conditioning system.  The features and capabilities of the industry's most advanced equipment can easily be rendered useless if they are not properly installed.  In fact, even the most efficient units can increase your current utility bills each month if they are not supported by proper measurements, sizing, and installation.  This is why choosing the right HVAC professional for your project is critical to maximizing equipment performance, home comfort, long term efficiency and longevity of your system.

With so many contractors in the local market offering various price points and options, how can you be sure you are choosing the right team for the job? To be honest... You can't. At the very least, however, you can guarantee you select a specialist that performs consistently each day with one objective in mind: you.

Since the beginning, SoCal Airflow Pros has made it the primary concern of the organization to earn the trust and confidence of its clients.  Through attention to detail and pride in workmanship, the company has established a standing in the local community as a superior HVAC contractor that is dedicated to its customers and their needs.  The foundation of this reputation is built on the quality and craftsmanship of the company's system installations. Dedication to both the immediate and long-term performance of new equipment installs continues and will remain to be a staple of the organization's ultimate objective.

Highest quality labor, Highest quality products

Apart from contractors themselves, there are also numerous options to choose from in terms of equipment manufacturers.  Like any consumer product, there are many reputable and well-established manufacturers to choose from.  Due to quality of build, longevity, performance and features, SoCal Airflow Pros is proud to have partnered with American Standard.

While there are many brands available in the market, American Standard HVAC units are consistently rated and reviewed as the most reliable units available by consumers and HVAC professionals alike. Consumer Reports has American Standard rated #1 in furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps for 17 of the last 18 years.  This is due to the quality of manufacturing as well as the corporation's selective choices in contractors who can purchase and install their entire catalog of equipment. We have been to their facility in Tyler, TX as well as many other manufacturers to compare the manufacturing process as well. All of this has lead to our choice of American Standard.

Awarded and accredited

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America write the standards for the design, maintenance, installation, testing, and performance of indoor environmental systems.  Approved accreditation demonstrates that the work performed by a particular contractor meets all qualifications for industry standards each and every job.  SoCal Airflow Pros is proud to be an accredited member of the ACCA and continues to be the only Quality Assured HVAC contractor in South Orange County.  For more information, visit

For the last three consecutive years, SoCal Airflow Pros is proud to have claimed American Standard's "Highest Customer Service" award as well as the manufacturer's "Lowest Install Warranty" award for Orange County, California.  This achievement is a result of the company's dedication to quality work from beginning to end of every transaction.  SoCal Airflow Pros is determined to maintain this standard of service and performance so that our customers can be confident that their project will be completed properly and with the highest quality each and every time.

Peace of mind, on a piece of paper

It's no secret, nearly every business promises customer satisfaction for their product or service.  We have no shame in admitting we guarantee the same.  So how do our guarantees differ?  For starters, SoCal Airflow Pros offers one of the longest parts and labor warranties the industry has to offer. 

"Doing it right the first time" is so strongly embedded in the organization that we offer a rarity in the industry of 15 year parts and labor warranty on select full-system and duct installations.  If that's not enough, we also back the same systems with a 12 month money back guarantee* if you are not satisfied with your system's performance. Most companies have the focus of how they will get back into their client’s homes to collect more money for years to come. Our focus and processes are designed so our clients only need regular maintenance for many years.  We'd prefer that our clients are so happy that they can brag about how good we are, not have us come back and sell  additional services.

12 Month Money Back Guarantee

Up to 15 Year Labor Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee




No Change Order Guarantee

Best Value Guarantee

Workspace Clean Up Guarantee

Leakproof Guarantee

Highest Quality Guarantee

Bulletproof Guarantee



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